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Camp Southern Ground

  We provide programs and community for Post-9/11 military veterans. We have two programs: Warrior Week and Warrior PATHH as well as community wellbeing groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

​  Our mission at Camp Southern Ground is to provide extraordinary experiences for children and veterans to recognise and magnify the unique gifts within themselves and others in order to profoundly impact the world. Our veterans have operated under the highest of callings to serve and protect the freedoms of the American people. We recognise the challenge veterans can face leaving service and finding a new mission for themselves. We have two no-cost programs for veterans at our Atlanta, GA campus.

  Warrior Week and Warrior PATHH programs provide veterans with the self-discovery tools they need along with personal evaluations to find answers on how they contribute best in relationships, work environments, and the family after they get home.


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Facebook & LinkedIn: Warrior Wellbeing

This resource is part of our #WarriorWellbeing initiative to connect all veterans to a community and improve their wellbeing. Here is a link to our Facebook Group called "Warrior Wellbeing and Transition Support @ Camp Southern Ground" https://www.facebook.com/groups/warriorwellbeing/. Here is a link to our LinkedIn Group "Warrior Wellbeing and Transition Support for Military Veterans" https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13856507/

Warrior Week

We run two programs at Camp Southern Ground. The first program, Warrior Week, is for post 9/11 veterans in some form of transition. This may be a transition our of military service or transition from work that is unfulfilling. The main goal of Warrior Week is to help veterans find or re-define a new mission and purpose post service. This 12-month program begins with one full week on our campus where you engage in self-reflective assessments, workshops, and activities with other veterans. This program is designed to increase self-awareness and create a plan for what's next. The ideal veteran who will gain the most from this experience is someone who is interested in vocational growth and discovering how their strengths can guide their new mission. We also have one spot per cohort for our pre-9/11 vets in a mentor-type role. Here is a link to a short video that may help you understand some of what happens during Warrior Week: https://youtu.be/gnwoqLje8g0

Warrior PATHH

The second program we offer is called Warrior PATHH. This is a program serving post 9/11 combat veterans of any age looking to turn past trauma into strength and growth. This is the nation’s first non-clinical program aimed to cultivate and facilitate post-traumatic growth among combat veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and/or combat stress. Warrior PATHH is an 18-month program that begins with a seven day intensive on-site. Here is a link to a short video about the Warrior PATHH program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHwylxR9rxc

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